Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Renter Character Concepts.

Janice and her Landlord.
She is too cartoony and he is not cartoony enough!

Her hands are like "Derp! Hand! Derpy derp!"


  1. Can I just say
    "oh my god.

    its wonderful. :)"
    On every drawing you do and still have it be funny?

  2. Maybe...what if the lines around his skin are browner/lighter in color. or it's just because his nose is so epic.

  3. I think the landlord looks great. How do you want to make the man more cartoony? He has a lot of personality because of the details in his form, whereas Janice seems a lot more generic because of her simple lines. I would like to see the first version of this story that you did to know where you are starting from and to know more about the plot.