Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The IKEA guide to solar food dryers.

Some diagrams I made for some of the grad students I went to Madagascar with! We had to avoid using text. Like an IKEA construction manual. The woman in the first diagram was referenced from a photo taken by Trish Previte. I should probably let her know that.

Also here's your random, everyday fantasy painting in progress. This is going well, and I'm glad- I have started a million of these fully-rendered photoshop painting type deals and have never been happy with any of them.

There are obvious problems with anatomy....pshh. Also, drawing chub is hard. Hard! but I really wanted her to have big thighs and a belly. Boop boop. By the way do not do NOT type "chubby belly" into a google image search. I am a moron.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Illustrator, I am sick to death of you!

I have been sitting in front of a computer since 1:30pm. I busted my ass at work, and then I ate a burger, and then I busted my ass on this. Movies watched today: Julie & Julia, About a Boy, Space Cowboys, and G-Force. And I really mean it-after sitting for this long, my ass literally feels busted.

Birds are really boring. Who knew? But they're full of shapes and little graphic splotches, so that was kind of nice.

Here is the story I got the idea for this illustration from. My mom shared it with me over break.
I left 4 birds out because of time. And because I was darn sick of 'em. There shold have been 2 more mockingbirds (very far left bird, second branch) a blue jay, and a wood thrush. Oh well, sorry Zach Brockhouse.

They definitely work better as a set. Ghost birds don't look very finished. Don't you think?

I'm going to lay off the paper texture for a while. Yeah.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

EE Thank-you card

Here is what I made for the sponsor of the Eco-Explorers trip.
Ringtailed lemurs aren't my favorite but besides being really iconic, they are sooo shapes.