Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The IKEA guide to solar food dryers.

Some diagrams I made for some of the grad students I went to Madagascar with! We had to avoid using text. Like an IKEA construction manual. The woman in the first diagram was referenced from a photo taken by Trish Previte. I should probably let her know that.

Also here's your random, everyday fantasy painting in progress. This is going well, and I'm glad- I have started a million of these fully-rendered photoshop painting type deals and have never been happy with any of them.

There are obvious problems with anatomy....pshh. Also, drawing chub is hard. Hard! but I really wanted her to have big thighs and a belly. Boop boop. By the way do not do NOT type "chubby belly" into a google image search. I am a moron.


  1. I love your instruction manual thing. Now make me an instruction booklet on how to build my own solar food dryer.

  2. Sigh. You're so cool. infographics and chubby bellies. I wanna be you someday.