Monday, December 6, 2010



  1. You know I wont be harsh.
    I just pretty much agree with what the kids on your facebook said. I like the style of the tree, and I like the style of the owl, but I don't feel like they fit together? Instead of flattening the owl, I would dimension-fy the trees. But I do love the look of the trees.
    Anyway, it's your call. It looks really great. you know I love paper texture.
    I will probably appropriate these trees in the future.

  2. And by appropriate I mean plagiarize.

  3. Mhmmm I love when the trees gradient (used it as a verb yes!) into that hazy bluuue. Also, ditto Rachel. also, ditto everyone else, except I would flatten the owl :D Regardless. I Love You.

  4. Why are you so good at everything?!?!
    this is a silly question... but is all of the color digital?
    I love the combo of color styles!