Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Part One Be Done



  1. the colors are lovely~ so is the story

  2. Hi. I'm a fellow artist/writer. Found your blog because I image searched "whack" to use for a photoshop pic of my student smashing me in the face with a fake gun (martial arts). SO ... I'm incredibly impressed by your talent, from the bits I've seen here.

    Your subject matter, and more importantly to me, your line work, coloring, and especially layout & design, are fantastic. I can't buy a copy right now, I'm in between jobs and have no savings. I'm a 31 year old artist living with is parents. It's okay, laugh. I do, too.

    If you want to see my graphic novel (drawn in 2001 and self-published in 2006) it's at , more specifically

    My graphic novel isn't drawn as well as most of my work, which is normally for magazines, skateboard decks, comics, etc. I'm currently designing the cover for my next novel, and ... I'd rather have someone else do it, but I have quite specific ideas ... your style seems like a great fit. The novel is NOTHING like my comic. If you want to know more, to collaborate, to be friends, to swap art, just let me know.

    In any event, excellent job!