Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The last three pages.

Last page is my favorite of the whole buncherooooo. I colored these alllll today and then printed and turned it in.

Lessons learned:
1. more care must be given to word bubbles.
2. lightboxes are amazing, draw everything 2 or 3 times.
3. my handwriting is awful but not as awful as doing text in illustrator. barf!
4. Be loose.
5. Black is your friend.
6. So are gloves, even if you look tooootttallly stupid.
7. Pelikan drawing ink ftw.


  1. these are beautiful! the colors you used seem really earthy, like they reflect the colors you saw in madagascar. your expressions in "experienced" and "suffered" are hilarious. I love the ending, but I also want to know what happened with your hospital visit!! how did that resolve?

    (by the way, my blogger account isn't the one I'm using for IP. I just wanted to comment. woo!)

  2. Did you really get to hold a lizard? Jealous!