Monday, January 31, 2011


I like my postcard so much and it didn't even take me that long but I havespent the last 4 hours trying to replicate that style and it is not working out. I'm eating my feelings.
They really are much bigger.

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  1. Well, I can't believe your picture with Colonel Tigh- awesome. That's so funny. I'm liking the postcard you came up with. It's so different from the initial cover illustration. Is this the dream vs. real Lynn? It's got a much different emotional quality- brown hair Lynn looks concerned, silver hair looks like she doesn't care about anything. Also- dance moves?

    What exactly do you love about the style on the postcard? Maybe that you did it quickly and it felt intuitive? I'd love to talk more about this. Maybe a good way to feel productive while you're trying to get this feeling back is to keep sketching new scenes quickly through story boarding and the fast thinking and moving might get your juices flowing again.

    Also, did you like those articles, or were they duds?

    Can't wait to see more images- talk to you soon