Monday, March 28, 2011

Page 13 edit also 14 15 and cards

Don't know about these colors yet.
Note on page 14, panel 5- if that guy doesn't look like a philanderer, I don't know who does. He's got the loosened necktie and everything. Don't you like the sexy touching in panel 3? lolololol

ugh i just looked at page 15 again, it needs fixing in lots of ways. Panel 2 face is generally dumb, panel 3- blue lynn would have to be sitting on the floor for that angle. huhhhgh. Panel 1 passes.

The next page is all making out and sexy stuff. Kill me.

Look, I got my Right Beyond-specific business cards AND Justin Bieber came over to model them for me:
Yeah, it's a hair joke.

Also, what is this:


  1. ...A motorcycle helmet modeled after a watermelon?

    These pages are really wonderful.

  2. That is a hot guy carolyn. Good job.
    I LOVE IT.

  3. These pages are looking great! I love the huge glowing buffalo in the (factory?) It's really unexpected. I'm also enjoying the way you are playing with the names of Amy May, Yam in different frames. I am wondering if giving her blue skin here is to differentiate her from the orange girl under the desk or if she is supposed to look dead/zombie-like? The lettering is looking good too. Your handwriting?