Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mandatory Friday blog post

EDIT: Okay here's a thing. First page of my international exhibition submission. I finished the pencils yesterday morning and got started on the inks, but I ran into several problems.

1. Although I tried my best to not touch it, the denril seems to have been soiled in a few places. This of course means that ink won't stick to it. So I ordered some drafting powder on the interbutt. Also some thin cotton gloves so i don't have to tape paper to my hands.
2. My ink is garbage. I ordered some pelikan drawing ink on the interbutt.
3. Actually those are the only problems.

I expedited the packages so hopefully they'll get to me before tuesday...but probably not. So until them I'm just working on the pencils. I laid out and sketched a bit of the second page, but I'm getting antsy and bored now so I think I'll go for a run. I think it's good that I got these issues sorted out right now.

This is actually a mirrored image. And its blurry.

Also I loved the season premiere of Grey's.

Hey world. This is a stand in to say, hay, I have nothing to show right now and probably won't by noon tomorrow. I am going to the studio (i accidently typed stupid more than once there...hmm.) in the afternoon sometime probably after i have my gym time and breakfast and coffee and sort myself into a real person again. Augh I'm tired.

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  1. You're at a stage in both projects where I don't have a lot to say except, Keep going. So keep going!

    Hopefully this international exhibition comic is a chance to work out some ideas and possibilities, both logistic and experimental. I know you're feeling that you need to put yourself on a schedule, but don't resist the urge to play around with different ideas, visually at least.